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Maggie Prittie has been working with Chocolate for over a decade. Discovering the complexity of this 5000 year- old treasure has been Delightful. I LOVE to share, so I have put this collection together to share with You!

During this Delightful adventure, I have learned and developed relationships with the farmers and tasted  Chocolate in it's pure unadulterated form from all over the world. I want You to have this Delightful experience as well.  I consider myself the Winery of Cocoa. In other words, I ONLY source cocoa from single origins and work with farmers to offer them the Highest prices for their hard work and yield.

Let's briefly talk about the history of Chocolate. 

There is controversy over where it all began. Some say Meso America with the Olmecs. Some say in Ecuador as far back as pre-Hispanic period, too, 5,000 years ago. 

9/10th's  of the  5,000 years of cocoa's existences it has been drunk. Cocoa cafes existed hundreds of years before coffee houses existed. 

ALL Cocoa is grown 20' degrees North & 20' degrees South of the Equator. We All get our chocolate from farmers in this cocoa belt, which is also where coffee, banana's & sugar grow.

So, when you think of chocolate from Belgium or Switzerland or France etc...,

We All get our chocolate from the same belt.

Everything depends on how well the cocoa was fermented & dried and then  roasted, what temperature, how long etc... (like coffee, if it's over roasted it's bitter). 

Like wine, cocoa beans have varieties as well. Criollo, Nacional, Trinitario & Forestero.

Criollo & Nacional are your true heirloom cocoa varieties, with Criollo from Meso America and Nacional from Ecuador.  Trinitario and Foresetro less flavorful, but , more disease resistant. 

Theobromo ( which means, Fruit of the Gods) is the Fruit tree the cocoa grows on. Once harvested Cocoa is considered a vegetable. 

Cocoa is so incredibly complex, it contains 500-700 possible compounds, which is why it has never been synthesized.

I could go on about this for 2 years and never repeat myself.  LOL... 


Look for my educational tastings on eventbrite. 

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