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Club of Enthusiast

Join us in receiving each month  a package containing:

(3) Single Origin 36 gram bars , including a "Featured Origin" bar.

(1) ounce of Single Origin cocoa nibs, with a Savory recipe to try. Cocoa nibs from a particular origin can be used in place of some herbs or spices, depending on the origin. Your package will have a recipe to try.

For example add cocoa nibs from Ghana when making Bruschetta.  The earthiness makes your tomato flavor POP!

Fun Facts including info about the featured origin.

Pairing info:  Each chocolate you receive will have a pairing guide for a wine which will pair well with it. 

Occasionally,  you will receive  in place of the nibs,  a 1 oz. 100% single origin cocoa liquor, (cocoa liquor, has NO alcohol) .  Cocoa liquor is pure cocoa mass in solid or semi solid form. It is produced  from cocoa beans that have been fermented, dried, roasted and separated from their skins. Cocoa liquor is what was used  originally for hot cocoa drinks. 

1 Month Subscription                                               $ 19.95
3 Month Subscription                                               $  59.95
1 Year     Subscription                                               $  235.00
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