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The rich, harmonious cacao flavor is complemented by the aromas expressing the freshness of lemon and the fruitiness of grapefruit. The traditional, gentle processing method (60) hours of conching, exquisitely unfolds the prune bouquet and vanilla note. The exceptionally pleasant fruit acidity and the

long- lasting finish make the Cru Sauvage Bolivia a unique culinary experience. 

Ingredients; Cocoa kernel, cocoa butter, pure cane sugar. 

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Elvesia Republique Dominicaine 74% Cru Hacienda couverture made of noble cacao from the Hacienda Elvesia. The elegant, rich cacao flavor is entwined with tender tones of black tea and mild tobacco notes.

Ingredients: Cocao kernel, cocoa butter, pure cane sugar.

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Usulutan El Salvador is in the southern part of Usuluta (which shares its name with the volcano) you will find Jiquilisco Bay know for its untouched natural beauty and home to the largest abundance of coastal-marine birds in El Salvador.  Cocoa was first planted in the luscious sandy loam soil on our supplier's farm near here about 100 years ago. 

Ingredients: Cocoa kernels, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar 


A unique sensory phenomenon. The cacao from Indonesia grows in the eastern highlands of Java. The cocao from Indonesia cannot be purchased directly from the farmer coop. All negotiations are handled by the government.

A harmonious combination of rich cacao with a strong coffee note and a nuance of tobacco. The traditional gentle processing method allows the intensive fruit acid flavor to unfold, complimented by blackberry aroma. The long-lasting finish ends in a sweet dried fig flavor rounded with a strong, pleasant earthy note.

Ingredients: Cocao kernel, cacao butter, Madagascar vanilla, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin. 

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each
35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Matagalpa is located in north central Nicaragua near the continental divide between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This region is increasingly popular with ecotourists because of its beauty and biodiversity. Originally it was home to the Matagalpa Indians whose language was spoken until 1875. This fertile area is known for its great coffee, vegetables, and flowers. This chocolate is made from the cacao of numerous small farms who harvest Trinitario cocoa trees indigenous to the land.

Ingredients: 70% cocoa mass (63% nibs & 7% origin cocoa butter) 29.7% raw cane sugar. 0.3% sunflower lecithin. ( lecithin is only used as a binder)

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Chocolate was introduced into Madagascar in the 1800's originally on the east coast. It is now grown in the north west Sambirano river region north western Madagascar. Trinitario cocoa, well balanced fruity, a touch of hazelnut and fresh forest berry notes.

Ingredients: Cocoa kernels, cocoa butter. pure cane sugar, Madagascar vanilla. 

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Wampusirpi, a small town of les than 2,000 inhabitants, is in a remote jungle area of northeast Honduras on the Patuca River (2nd largest river in Central America). The cacao grown here is a combination of indigenous Trintarios and tree provided by sporadic NGO (Non- governmental agents) efforts to support this region. Our supplier is a philanthropist who is committed to being a reliable buyer in a place where cacao is the Only cash crop.

Ingredients: Cocao nibs, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar.

0.3% sunflower lecithin. (lecithin is only used as a binder)

Intensive flavor experience. The strong cocoa taste is pleasanty supplemented by a licorice note which then transfers into a roasted coffee flavor rounded by a hint of prune. Black tea notes accompanies the slow and intensive finish.

Ingredients: Cocoa kernel, cocoa butter, pure cane sugar, .

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each
35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Dark , rich, smooth chocolate with a smooth mouth feel. The chocolate flavor is full-bodied throughout with a clean, fresh finish. Provides tremendous chocolate flavor to any dessert without being overpowering. I consider this chocolate to be a base chocolate. 

Ingredients:  cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, Madagascar vanilla.

35 gram bar.           $6.50 each

Esmeraldas is Ecuador's most northern province and boarders on Columbia. The cacao flavor is enhanced through the intensive coffee and licorice notes, making Arriba an unforgettable experience for the senses, 72 hours of conching gives the smoothest texture.

Ingredients: Cocoa kernel, cocoa butter, pure cane sugar, Madagascar vanilla.

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Milk Chocolate Lovers

I have chosen to use this Milk Chocolate from a company out of Switzerland, Felchlin.

Switzerland has Happy cows! Happy cows make good Milk. Felchlin has a patent on dehydration of the milk they collect from local farms. This process gives this Milk  Chocolate a beautiful creamy feel on the tongue.  

                                                                                                 I even like it !  ;)

Simple and sweet cocoa dust falling into a vanilla milk shake

Breathes out toasted caramel.

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, partially skimmed milk, soy lecithin, butterfat, Madagascar vanilla. 

35 gram bar.   $6.50 each

Collection of (10)   $65.00 includes shipping

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